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GET IT MADE is a production-based screenplay platform that develops, produces and markets Proof of Concepts.

After a decade of working in Hollywood, screenwriter and filmmaker Matt Boda (through his own personal journey) has uncovered an innovative way for screenwriters to break through the film industry.

Scripts alone are no longer enough (blog)…

New streaming and social media culture has impacted everyone’s attention span. This means that it is even more difficult for unknown screenwriters to stand out and convince executives to read full-length materials for feature films and TV pilots (which are 65-115+ pages).

It is also widely known that literary agents, producers, attorneys, managers, and entertainment executives are needed to move projects forward because of their preexisting relationships with major studios.

In response to the seemingly impenetrable reality of the business, in 2019 husband-wife collaborators Matt & Sylvie founded Get It Made, a first-of-its-kind production-based screenplay development, full-service production and marketing agency for screenwriters - all in one place.

With Get It Made, screenwriters work with industry professionals, seasoned filmmakers and talent to transform scripts into bankable packages with a Proof of Concept.

Our platform connects writers and filmmakers from all over world -- America, Canada, Australia, Scotland, UK... even Tahiti!

We are fortunate to work with aspiring dreamers from all walks of life —- writers who are passionate about their stories and want to be part of a community that shares the same vision.

“Writing a script and hoping it gets picked up isn’t going to cut it anymore…the hottest ticket in town when it comes to Proof of Concepts is Get It Made.”

— CJ Walley, Script Revolution

Why Get It Made X?

GIMx is a first-of-its-kind membership program that provides screenwriters direct access to a production company and industry professionals to develop screenplays into a production viable proof of concept.

Emerging screenwriters with a feature film or TV pilot screenplay are guided every step of the way with in-house story strategists and producers. 

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Membership Benefits

Exclusive Membership Platform for Screenwriters

The GIMx script development process includes:

  • Access to a members-only app to build community and network

  • Mentorship with an industry professional via group coaching

  • PoC script coverage from in-house producers and peers

  • Curated online content to help boost creativity and writing

  • Only compete amongst peers for production funding

  • Membership dues convert into Production Pension Plans

  • Track personal script development progress with reports and analytics

  • Invites to all Ermantourage networking events, both in-person and online

  • and much more…

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